Smooth guinea pigs, breed description

Photos, description Smooth guinea pigs breed characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Smooth guinea pigs breed characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Variety hairless guinea pigs relates to the peace-loving animals that have a calm temper character. Differ pets that behind them is very easy to look after, so some breeders joke, saying that the breed was created for children. In Latvian language represented a kind of familiar, entitled “Cavia porsellus”. The average adult has a pet growth no more than 30 centimeters. The first representative of the breed noticed on Peruvian territory. At home animals live mainly among the foothills or on the open plains, as it is the best natural environment for them. The breed belongs to a social animal, they often build their homes in the ground, own burrows. Conducted quite a mysterious way of life and come out only at dusk or at night-time.

In the first half of the 16th century, the Spaniards brought multiple instances represented species in Europe, thus introducing a new breed of Europeans. Besides the fact that guinea pigs are called smooth coat, they are also often referred to as the Peruvian, mountain and Guinean. Because pets are quite ancient, scientists use them in a variety of processes, contributing to the creation of new lines of guinea pigs. With the help of breeding methods were derived other pets that have the original colors and unusual structures of the coat.

Consider the exterior features of the animals presented. Smooth guinea pigs have a very interesting hair. Hairs are short and stiff, and work together to create the illusion of a glossy woolen cover. The design of the body sufficiently powerful and massive, rounded contours. The front limbs have four pets finger, and rear – three. Thanks coloring that is inherent in the species breeds can hide in unexpected situations, when they are in their usual habitat. Parts meet all animals with solid suits, two-color or tri-color. The main thing is that the main color is black, or various shades of red.

Now we look at how to properly care for guinea pigs. As mentioned earlier, the pupils do not have to create special conditions for the comfort of their content. After all, popular animals precisely because unpretentious, so are ideal for those who do not have the time permanently. As their home, you can use not only the cell, but also an aquarium with high fences, as well as house pets to equip ordinary box. It is strictly forbidden to the kids were in the heat or cold, the optimum temperature for the content – 18-22 degrees of Celsius.

The following products must be present in the correct preparation of the diet: a variety of cereal grains, fresh dried herbs, wheat bran. In winter it is recommended to add a special food mineral supplements, dry grass, vegetables, fruits and other vitamins. If the pet is accustomed to eating grass at most, that often it does not consume a lot of water, in spite of this, water should be changed regularly. Experienced people recommend to feed their pets bone flour, chalk, as well as ascorbic acid. For the grinding of the teeth is necessary to periodically give the animal tree branches or small wedges of wood. The regularity of feeding should not exceed two or three times per day. Note: excessive feeding leads to obesity.

We will understand why many owners bought yourself as pets is hairless guinea pigs. Animals fascinate children, so they are the best gift for kids because of their undemanding and easy to care for. The official name of the breed comes from the homeland of their alleged first – New Guinea (guinea pig). In the period from the 16th to the 18th century, representatives of the breed was used as a food in the territories of Peru, later a similar treatment of animals was forbidden.

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