Rex breed guinea pigs, a description of

Description, photo guinea pig Rex breed characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Description, photo guinea pig Rex breed characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Breed Rex guinea pigs differs special structure of coat, the hairs that are located on the body of animals, have a rigid structure, so in general, pets resemble cute teddy bears. The standard was approved that animal fur must necessarily be massive, to create the effect profusion. The hairs should not be long, but on the contrary, the shorter – the better (no longer than one and a half centimeters). In addition, the wool blanket on his back and head parts should be more stringent, in contrast to the lateral areas, because they are more than the hairs soft and tender. Leading representatives of the Rex massive, fuzzy contours. Eyes are located quite far from each other, they are big and bright, why animals look devotional and expressive look. The ears of guinea pigs large and neatly hang down. The design of the body rather short. On the wide shoulder compositions stand out clearly the case.

Among the pupils presented species there are different colors of coat, but in particular there are four lines of colors.

In the first place, it is plain colors of wool. Pets have only one primary color. In second place are placed “agouti” coloration of the animals. By this is meant a solid coloring agouti, but around the eyes, chest and abdominal traced clear clarification, while the primary colors may be any.

The third color is called “agouti bicolor”, which means the standard colors of “agouti”, with the addition of only certain shapes of other colors.

Last suit rex varieties, called “AOL”. This color represents all colors that were not previously listed, so they are considered to be special and unique.

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