Breton horse

Photos, description breed horses Breton, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description breed horses Breton, characteristic for home breeding

Breton horse breed was named in honor of one of the provincial areas in France – Brittany, which is located in the north-western areas of the country. It is known that the climatic conditions in this province are different severity and land plots themselves provide little benefit and are characterized by scarcity. The main cause of the occurrence of E is such variations are induced reasons, because in this region were needed powerful and resistant horse.

Breton pets have quite a relief by the constitution, and at the same time compact. Animals are very strong and durable, so are ideal for various types of work. Full name sounds like Postier Breton (Postier Breton). Gait animals calm, gentle and easy. Ches they like with the Anglo-Arab horse, because the size they actually fully comply, but the look and feel different muscles. Among the many breeds of horses data are recognized as the most beautiful and outstanding.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the breed presented Breton. So horses have: head portion of medium size, the shape close to a square, but there are horses with a concave head; large nostrils; eyes are constantly running, expressive look; ears small and erect; cervical region rather short, stands out clearly at the withers; dorsal area is large, short and relief; cereals spacious, divided into two parts; thorax markedly convex and deep; shoulder plots have good muscles, legs raised enough, powerful; hooves strong and flat. High-rise characteristics at the withers begin to fluctuate between 150 and 170 cm. Externally, pets can be distinguished in color wool cover. This is often red or dull red color, region of the mane and tail are lighter than the main color of the same or occur bay or bay-chalye.

At the moment, a kind of divided into three categories, but two of them are virtually unknown, and one is the most popular, it is also called a small Breton horse. The representatives of this diversity are viewed as direct descendants of the initial instances represented the breed. If we compare the standard of the breed, and this subgroup, the little Breton horses are more small physique (hence the name), as they gracefully curved region faces. for this category of care does not require much effort, because pets are not very capricious, this fact was the reason for their popularity and high dilution rate. In addition, animals are characterized by high endurance and stability not only to a variety of conditions of life, as well as to extreme climatic features.

Representatives of Breton horses considered rather ancient, so they spread to various parts of France. In addition, there are constant transportation in other countries worlds. Some use pets as a helper in the farm areas, as they help to gardeners that collect seaweed. In modern Breton bred for meat production, but many oppose this, because the original creation of the breed has been peculiar, and the animals have a certain destinations.

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