What to feed the mini pig

Photos, descriptions, advice and a list of what they eat and what to feed mini pigov

Photos, descriptions, advice and a list of what they eat and what to feed mini pigs

Some believe that to create a proper diet mini pigs, require specialized knowledge, know that eating mini piggies. While pets and are omnivorous animals category, and they can actually eat all that you want, all the same there are certain rules and modes of animal nutrition. From feeding depends on a lot of factors in the lives of pets as health or productivity. Most often there are special diets for pigs of certain species.

The dishes are ideal as resistant types of bowls for water and for food, often use a dog bowl. Feed the pig, it is desirable not more than two, or even three times a day. Be sure to monitor the availability of water in the bowls because pets should always have that drink.

Miniature pigs require special nutrients that are found in root crops, vegetables, fruit, a variety of cereals, which are prepared on the water. In addition, babies should eat carrots, beets, turnips, potatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers and zucchini. Serve the products can be raw or cooked. For variety you can mix porridge with grated fresh vegetables or fruit. From cereals are good: oats, buckwheat, barley and others. Essential substances have fresh apples, because they contain all the essential vitamins needed by pets, and most importantly – iron. Mini piggies have quite a weak immune system, periodically, they need special supplements and vitamins. The necessary additives are also stored in the hard wheat bread, sprouted grains. Some owners practiced to add to the diet of fish oil or bone meal.

Periodically animals need protein, so you need to constantly provide food with high protein content. In the diet, protein production capacity should be at least 15%. Miniature pigs eat cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt or whey, best when homemade dairy products. When farms and factories are often used to supplement the main portion of the nutrient, it can be a normal dog food that does not contain a lot of meat, but the main thing that small pets are well fed.

Since animals eat everything, to feed them pretty easy. The most important mistake when breeding is overfeeding or adding small snacks of sweet. Cooked food should also not be very salty, it is better not to salt dishes, spicy pigments as bad for the pigs. All owners want to in the future they grow up healthy and cheerful pets, so efforts should be made throughout the entire care, especially in the drafting of the diet.

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