Pigeons breed Chile

Photos, description Chile pigeons breed characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Chile pigeons breed characteristic for home breeding

Presented in Baku breed pigeons chili has the greatest popularity only to the Russian Federation, unfortunately, in other countries the breed is unknown.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the breed. So the birds are inherent in external data like: powerful and solid constitution; bit long and smooth head portion, which is clearly expressed forelock; the frontal area is broad and rounded, straight crown rectangular shape; eyes have a dull yellow shades, white, rather narrow eyelids; beak flat, thin, slightly rounded at the end, and also white, but there are representatives of the pigeons with a dark head, beak, and the same; cere actually not developed, white and silky; neck is not long, the middle there is a small bend; the chest is deep, broad and slightly rounded; dorsal part too wide; prolonged, and closer to the tail narrows; body length is different as compared to other species that possess rather short trunk; wings long enough abundantly adhere to the body, and the tail end of their endings easily fall; tail rather closed, is made up of 10, sometimes 12 tail feathers; legs differ dense plumage, but feathers short, 1-4 cm intervals, at the end of the fingers is not the feathers, they are red with white nails. Externally visible once the main color blue, they are pale violet transfusion in the neck and chest. In addition, the representatives of Chile are saturated black color, with colorful flowers head area, which is also noticeable marble or white shades specks.

Pigeons chili have excellent flight characteristics, but each individual bird flight. For example, a representative of the variety is flying at a certain height and designated time. After takeoff, the birds take a vertical form, original and start to tumble with the battle or, as they call these twists and turns, clicks. Many fanciers happy to take up farming Tumblers breed chili, not only because they are beautiful and unusual, as well as for the reason that the birds quite unpretentious to the conditions of detention.

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