Rouen duck

French Rouen ducks breed, photos, description, characteristic for home breeding

French Rouen ducks breed, photos, description, characteristic for home breeding

French Rouen ducks breed created for the production of quality meat. The new breed was created by selecting the best individuals among domesticated ducks, and then select the ducks with good qualities was carried out within the breed. Thus were born Rouen duck. Meat indicators are at a high level, as the flavor indices. A significant drawback is the colorful feathers, which give the carcass gray tint, which is why the price drops. practically bred in large quantities Rouen ducks, and small farms meet poultry farmers that are still engaged in cultivation.

Another feature that needs to be known before the start of Rouen ducks, it is their ability to rapidly obesity. To properly care for the ducks need to have a lot of experience and knowledge in the poultry field. Rouen ducks should be fed in the first place correctly: choose a good diet with moderate amounts of fat and carbohydrates, to observe the intervals between feedings, make sure that there is enough water. Rapid weight gain and the accumulation of large amounts of fat adversely affects the possibility oplodotvoritelnye Rouen drakes. Most of the eggs due to this problem will not be fertilized. A duck can carry up to 90 eggs, but also in the case, if not obese, but the eggs are not planted, so to mature egg incubator or need to substitute eggs under other hens.

The body horizontal, the back is big and wide, deep chest. The muscular system is developed well, but not visually discern. Plumage specific, very much like their ancestors of wild ducks: dark brown feather, two light-brown stripes on the head, belly gray, orange limbs. Neck with a green sheen and white stripe. Head small, oval-shaped. The neck is short and of medium thickness, slightly curved back. The limbs are short, but strong to withstand a weight of ducks. In Rouen drakes beak yellow-green color with darkening at the top, and ducks – brown and orange, and with darkening. Eyes are brown, drakes distinguished by the presence of white stripes around the neck. The duck feather on his chest is red, and brown duck with small dark stripes. Boca a little lighter all the other parts of the body. The drake back also has a green shimmer, like feathers on the tail, and in the duck is almost black. The wings are small, well-developed, gray or brown color of the light stripe.

In the standard feeding live weight Rouen drake becomes 4 kg, and the duck – 3.5 kg. If feeding intensively, it is possible to reach a record of 5.5 kg.

At the moment, observed a rise in popularity in the whole territory of Ukraine and Russia.

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