American duck Cayuga

Photos, description, characterization Cayuga ducks breed, pet breeding in the country

Photos, description, characterization Cayuga ducks breed, pet breeding in the country

Relatively young American Cayuga duck breed, bred by experts from America to produce high quality meat and a large number of eggs. breed name comes from the name of the area, which is located in the aisles of New York. Officially presented Cayuga duck in 1874. The breed is not only high production rates, but also a beautiful plumage, so still carries a decorative function.

There are 2 directions among ducks Cayuga: the first with a green tint, the second blue. They look and they are both very effective, because shade is very rich with a metallic sheen. Colour green duck is very similar color bugs. Ducks quite strong, dense. The muscular system is well developed. The limbs are not too long, strong. Beak straight, medium length tail, slightly raised up.

Cayuga Ducks belong to the moderate type: males weigh about 4 kg, and females reach a maximum of 3 kg.

Egg production is at a fairly high level: a young duck can produce up to 150 eggs per cycle, though they are very small and weigh around ’75 Do not be afraid of color egg shell, especially in the early days of egg production. During this period, the shell is black, and with the onset of heat and sun, the eggs begin to gradually lighten until they become white with a green or gray tint. Cayuga Ducks themselves well to hatch offspring, on average, it is 28 days. During this time, the light can appear up to 15 ducklings – it is considered the best option. Duck eggs are planted every year, which saves on incubators.

Another advantage of the breed – a high adaptation to any terrain and adverse weather conditions. At the moment, there are both in Ukraine and in Russia. The only thing that is not conducive to the development – a constant content in an enclosed space. Cayuga Ducks need constant heckling outdoors, even in winter need a little bit to let them out. These ducks are also indispensable assistant in the garden, a duck is completely clean up any trees and shrubs from small pests, and as a result a double benefit – and ate duck, and get rid of the pests.

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