Chickens Wyandotte

Beautiful beef breed, photos, description, characteristics for breeding

Beautiful beef breed, photos, description, characteristics for breeding

The existence of the breed chickens Wyandotte common in our area in the first half of the 20th century. Over the same time it is worth to breed these birds did not think anyone, because experience has shown the rock is stable and profitable.

Poultry farmers are several positive factors Wyandotte. As one of the beef are fattened bird is strong enough to have a high-quality meat, unusual taste and tenderness (depending of course on the exposure period), although they are not grown exclusively as beef. Live weight of chickens – 2.4 kg, males – 3-3.6 kg.

The breed has an intense and rapid ability to develop eggs. As birds egg direction Wyandotte shows good performance egg wearability (115-140 eggs / year), the weight of one of the eggs – 50-55 g and more with a pale brown color. At the end of the 19th century (approximately 1883-1884 g) Wyandotte breed was invented by a crossing bent Seabright, Brahma, Leghorn, Hamburg breed, Dorking, Cochin China and Orpington. His personal Wyandotte title (last time was called the American Seabright, excelsior or Colombian birds) on the name of one of the Indian tribes. Later, when the territories of the Russian Federation began to appear poultry-lovers, divorce, this breed, there is evidence the study: species very resistant to low temperatures, high enough brooding instinct. Wyandotte in 1911, was adopted in save kollektsionariyah as a source of genetic reserves.

Externally, the birds possess a medium-sized body, similar in form to the ball. Behind them is large and broad, deep chest and bulging belly. In small short head, with a passing line to a short neck, bright red eyes, face, and earrings. Erect, sheet-like, low ridge. The plumage of birds Wyandotte uniform and intense. Good opera short tail, rather short legs and plaits. The breed is fairly diverse color feathers (white, black, golden framed in bands, fawn, Colombian, bright blue).

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