Black-white-breasted duck

Photos, description, characterization Whitechest breed ducks for home breeding

Photos, description, characterization Whitechest breed ducks for home breeding

To develop a new breed of ducks worked with experts Ukrainian Poultry Institute. Scratch the local white-breasted duck with Khaki-Campbell, to thereby obtain a white-breasted black duck.

Characteristic features of the Black Duck Whitechest are: a wide, raised slightly up coat, big breasts. The back is wide, slightly inclined. Tail resilient, raised in the base. A large number of body covered with feathers in black, only on the breast and abdomen feather light. Because of this color breed got its name. Particularly impressive look drakes in which the feathers are not just black, and have a rich purple hue. Like all ducks, limb Black and Himalayan short and thick. The bill is at the end of a dull, dark color. Head small, relatively large eyes, black. Wings are constantly adjacent to the toe loop.

Black white-breasted duck rather hasty. At the age of 6 months they reach sexual maturity, ducks can mate and lay eggs duck. In later years a duck can get up to 3,5 kg of live weight, and the drake can fatten up to 4 kg. Ducks have a high level of egg production: for the cycle, it can produce about 125 eggs weighing ’85 oval eggs with white shells.

Himalayan Black Meat ducks are highly valued due to a fat and tender meat. At home, they can graze and additionally fed, then aged 2 months young can already score, because the average age of this duck weighs about 2 kg. Thanks to the good productivity of ducks breed Black Whitechest used as a material for the improvement of other breeds, this selects only the strongest and most productive individuals.

Drakes can qualitatively fertilize about 95% of the eggs from which hatched goslings 60-65%. young Preservation higher and becomes 92%. Black Adult white-breasted ducks do not actually get sick and are not vulnerable to parasites.

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