Czech golden breed chickens

Photos, description, breed characteristics to domestic breeding

Photos, description, breed characteristics to domestic breeding

Breed cal golden hen was bred by scientists in Czechoslovakia in the first half of the 19th century. At the end of the same century (about 1977), several representatives of the breed were widespread in Ukraine and Russia.

During his productive direction refers to the egg line birds. Average annual egg productivity of about 160-170 eggs. Weight of about 55 grams, with a light cream color shell. Already in the mid-year age chicken begins to bear. Productivity live weight of mature chicken – about 1.8 kg, the cock – about 2.3 kg. Preservation of mature birds – 78% of young – 92%.

Representatives of this breed are more mobile and differ in their over-activity. Externally, it is not very large representatives birds. They are medium in size and broad back, rather short legs black shades, a small chest deep, refined slightly elongated neck and a well-developed tail erect. Medium sized head, with a dark beak, strongly developed leaf-shaped comb. Painting of feathers in birds is not monotonous. Basic color – light brown with shades of gray and black frame. Color of the head or golden yellow, like cervical necklace. The rib portion of salmon with a brown tint. Males are slightly different painting: bright red head, dorsal and lumbar part, all other areas – black.

Newborn chicks are different from others in his little more black dots on a background of golden pale yellow or slightly down. Therefore, the breed is known more under the name “gold fleck”, as they called her first launch in the Czech Republic.

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