Sussex chickens

Breed description, photo, characteristic for home breeding

Breed description, photo, characteristic for home breeding

Earlier in England working on breeding birds breed Sussex. The basis was taken a few other bird species: Dorking, brahma chicken, Cornish, Orpington, white Cochin China and similar varieties, which are well accustomed and evolved at that time in British farming.

Sussex for his performance refers to meat and egg direction. Live weight of adult hens – about 2.7 kg, a rooster – 3.5 kg. Preservation of mature birds – 90%, young – 98%. The average number of eggs – 170 eggs. one weighs approximately 60 grams of cream with dark shades of colors shell. The breed is widespread and is considered one of the best varieties of meat.

Susseksovsky meat product is known for its excellent taste advantages, where a large part consists of protein. Birds such rocks contain in specialized and non-specialized poultry farms, conserve their genetic reserve kollektsionary.

Externally square-type birds constitution, strong body, strong wide dorsal portion convex big chest, short, slightly fleshy neck and medium-sized tetradigitate feet. Head of small size, rounded and broad, deep-set eyes red, small, erect, sheet-like crest, yellow slightly bent beak, medium-sized earlobes and pink and bright metatarsus. light colors predominate in the skin color. Middle tail tail and wings. We are talking about the breed, which differ even under bright Sussex, so color feathers they often Columbian. Such a characteristic coloring of the white background of the body, similar to the black lines necklace near the neck portion and the same color as the end of the flight and tail wings.

The breed is considered to be the owner of the silver gene, which is associated with sexual characteristics. Therefore, crossing with other breeds that also have the golden gene, resulting in offspring that have 24 hours is already possible to identify the floor due to differ because of the color down. Clean the chickens bred Sussex Chicken lines are bright yellow in color down.

There are in the rock and many other varieties of color and pen types: dark yellow, dark orange, brown, calico.

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