Chickens Faverolles Chicken breed

Description, photos, breed characteristics to domestic breeding

Description, photos, breed characteristics to domestic breeding

Until the 19th century the breed hens Faverolles Chicken Salmon was withdrawn on the basis of cross-breeding in areas of established birds Hood mantskie, Brama dark, Cochin China, Silver Dorking. Excretion engaged in the French towns of poultry scientists.

For their genetic lines of the breed is a meat type. Later, at the beginning of the 19th century (1910), Faverolles Chicken birds have been widely distributed, especially in individual households or amateur, it was very profitable. Meat quality of the breed was the highest and best of its flavor characteristics, such meat is very appreciated in high-end restaurants, even surpassed Plymouth Rock breed product, because only he could be compared to faverolskim.

The live weight of mature chicken – 3-3.5 kg, cock – 3.5-4 kg. The average number of eggs – in the areas of 100-130 eggs. The weight of one gram of 55-65 with a pinkish or yellowish shells. Generally Faverolles Chicken breed are rare and need to be able to look after her. Birds, of course, is not very demanding in the diet, characterized by their rapid acclimatization, intensive growth, but their phlegm and propensity to activity can cause obesity (especially the representatives of the female sex). To prevent similar situations need to be trained on the specialization of birds feeding and limit needed feeding.

Externally, the birds pretty proud bearing, a small but cold stretched torso, not very high five-fingered feet, broad back, convex chest and short thick neck. Head of small size, with a leaf-shaped crest erect, light yellow little beak, and then placed a big beard that covers medium sized earrings. The eyes of birds orange, red shades earlobes, which little can be seen from the so-dinner tanks. The skin of the breed Faverolles Chicken pale white. The plumage of the representatives of the abundant, luxuriant feathers and moderately loose. But in some parts of the small and intense plumage it is also present in the areas of small tail, legs. Externally feathers color schemes vary, but mostly shades of salmon and vary between roosters and hens. Roosters more plumage in the spinal area and the flapping wings of white feathers, mane of light, sometimes white in color with black stripes (sometimes with one large), abdomen, chest and a black tail. Chicken differ red color in the back and wings, chest and abdomen areas predominantly light shades. Newborn chicks are richly covered with yellow-light fuzz. After approximately 8 weeks, they can already be distinguished by their pronounced difference in color. In this period there is a chicken in small as the title of his beard and begins the formation of tanks, this is the highlight of the breed Faverolles Chicken, which makes it unusual among other species.

Rarely come across a bird with white, blue, ermine, black or striped coloration.

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