How to store goose carcasses

How to store goose carcass, tips

How to store goose carcass, tips

Storage goose carcasses at standard refrigerator temperatures (0 to 5 ° C) can be stored up to 5 days. If you can not, take a piece of clean cloth and wet it a little vinegar. Well, wipe the carcass and then let’s not dry the skin.

If you want to save the carcass for a longer time, you need to maintain a certain temperature. To begin with it is placed in an environment where temperatures range up to +4 degrees, and then to – 15 C. If it’s winter, it makes the so-called crust of ice, and wet carcass endure the frost to form an ice film is repeated twice . Next goose are wrapped in parchment paper for storage. Such carcass can be stored up to 60 days.

Just before cooking should be defrosted slowly.

Yet there is a way to harvest salted meat, it needs to soak the carcass in a special solution. Recipe: per liter of water 300 grams of salt per kilogram of carcass taking 150 grams of solution. Do it by douching, this liquid is poured into the cavity of the mouth of the tie around the neck to the brine does not run out, and the hang upside down for a day. The liquid is then discarded.

Also, the carcass can smoke hot and cold way. smoking time will take 3 days.

Storage methods are known to many, so you can choose the most suitable option.

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