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Photos, description large breed turkeys Cross Versatile for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description large breed turkeys Cross Versatile for home breeding and maintenance

A relatively new breed of turkeys Cross Universal, bred in Russia in 2003. The breed was bred in itself, but distinguish two lines, between which and conducted crossbreeding. Thus the light and there is a new breed of birds. Development was carried out to improve the meat quality, as well as the ratio of body weight and the amount of feed. The results were positive indicators.

Turkeys are big and strong body, long and thin limbs with sharp claws. Wings developed quite well. The sternum is wide and deep. The muscular system is very well developed, and particularly visible in the chest and legs. The plumage is snow white.

Adult males under good conditions, the content may be up to 20 kg and for women – up to 10 kg. Young turkeys at the age of 4 months can reach up to 7 kg, which is quite high. At the same time cost of feed is quite small – to 1 kg gain of 2.9 kg. Turkeys Cross Wagon produce not only a large number of high-quality meat but also eggs. egg production rate is very high and is 65-70 eggs a year. Turkeys Cross Universal capable qualitatively fertilize about 90% of all eggs. young preservation is almost 100%, which undoubtedly is a great indicator.

There are foreign counterparts turkeys Cross Universal, they have a slightly better precocity, so domestic breed a little bit behind. But there is still one feature, due to which farmers choose Yet domestic turkeys Cross Universal – is the ability to self-replicate. Foreign self-seeding species can not, therefore, at a dilution in the home it creates problems. Therefore, many farmers choose exactly domestic turkeys Cross wagon.

Experts do not have thrown the rock and is still working on its improvement. Perhaps soon the light will be new breeding turkey divorced on the basis of Universal Cross, called Victoria.

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