Bronze turkey chested

Photos, description, content chested breed turkeys bronze, characteristic for breeding

Photos, description, content chested breed turkeys bronze, characteristic for breeding

One of the largest breeds of turkeys in the world – Bronze chested. Adult turkey has an average of 16-18 kg of body weight, but the strong feeding achieves incredible results – up to 30 kg! But this happens very rarely, as feed consumption should be significantly increased, which is not very economical for farmers. Turkeys are much easier turkeys, their weight is about 10-11 kg.

The breed traces its existence to the American people why these turkeys are more commonly known as the American. Broad-Bronze turkey was created by crossing local wild turkeys with English black rock. Due to the selection of an American breed of turkeys purchased dark plumage with brown shade that resembles bronze (hence the name). From wild ducks remained strong maternal instinct, so turkey eggs hatch their eggs themselves. Turkeys qualitatively fertilize almost all the eggs. Turkey born strong and able to withstand any disease. Youngsters and adults breed individuals, broad-Bronze turkeys are also high safety.

Bronze Turkeys chested – actually the ideal breed for meat and egg direction, but still there are some flaws that significantly affect the content of turkeys, especially at home. In the first place, it is that the turkeys are not adapted to grazing leads in an open environment. This drawback – it is not a bug experts, and purposeful action. The fact is that the breed was created for the content on larger farms where turkeys are fed only prepared foods. The main pastime chested bronze turkeys spend indoors.

In all other respects turkeys have many advantages. During the year, the turkey can lay about 120 eggs, and the adult turkey can fertilize about 80% of the eggs. 10-15% of the turkeys did not live to see the birth or die on the first day, the rest of turkeys are able to quickly gain weight and resist pests and diseases. Turkey hatching eggs well, and take care of young animals, may also sit on the goose or chicken eggs.

Scores a bird in the age of 3-4 months, when turkeys weight reaches 12-15 kg, and turkeys – about 8 kg. You can keep turkeys and longer, but then the weight gain will have a much slower rate, and feed costs increased in two, but that’s not profitable.

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