Actinidia, planting, care, varieties description and photo

Actinidia, planting, care, varieties description and photo

Actinidia – a climbing shrub – vine. If it does not provide support on the open ground, it grows thick and very low. There are several sub-species of Actinidia, it kolomikta, Argut, polygamy, and their use for commercial purposes.

All kinds of plants like a sufficient amount of light, and moderately moist soil. If the ground is sandy, wading, grow Actinidia you do not succeed in your garden. The berries ripen in early autumn, very soft inside, something reminiscent of gooseberry, but with the smell of pineapple. If the plant does not breed in the black soil land, the harvest will be from one to four kilograms per bush.

Grow Actinidia can be seeds, green cuttings. Seeds are used mainly for breeding new plant species.

Breeding Actinidia made from clothespins.

There are such kinds of Actinidia – Pineapple Michurina, Clara Zetkin, Fragrant, Pavlovskaya, Matt, emerald and others. It begins to produce crops for 3-5 years when grown from seed, then at 6-7. The first couple of years gardeners need to protect the plant from the cats, as these animals love to chew on young shoots and roots.