Pelargonium (geranium), seed multiplication

Reproduction pelargonium (geranium) seeds at home, photos, description

Reproduction pelargonium (geranium) seeds at home, photos, description

The people called pelargonium geranium. Propagation is by cuttings long, but recently began to sell seeds in the finished bright packages. How to sow pelargonium? Reproduction geranium seeds hardly popular florist. This method of breeding colors includes some troublesome moments. It is quite possible that the nuances of growers and do not guess. The seeds can grow healthier plants and dense, and the flowers will turn out amazing, extraordinary, fascinating colors.

Seeds germinate geranium depending on the grade, the length of storage and temperature at which they were kept (allowable rate – 20-22 °C). For growing seedlings take a mixture of sand – 2%, peat – 1%, turf soil – 1%. for breeding seeds spread on the ground, but not a lot, and the top layer of soil close to half a centimeter. Crops must be in sufficiently bright place, the temperature is not less than 22 °C or above 26 °C, and at night – 18 °C. If the temperature of the day will exceed 26 °C, seedlings could face disease, “blackleg”. At 10-15 days after sowing the seedlings appear first, and all the germination period lasts 45 days. When one held two weeks after germination, the plant appears first sheet that serves as a signal of the beginning of the florist picks.

Month 3-4 flowers bloom, then we start taking care of their own seeds. To do this, take the needle, to transfer pollen, that is, will be artificial pollination. Carefully read the inflorescence, it contains about 40 flowers, each of which has five petals. Two upper, brighter color, significantly more than the lower three. In the center of the flower – ten stamens and a pistil with the stigma of 3-5 branches. Anthers begin to burst after the opening of the pavilion in half an hour, then the most viable pollen. Acute side of the needle, you need to gently remove and transfer to the stigma of the pistil of another, it should be flower blossom in a couple of days before the procedure. Pollinate the above described manner possible many times. On the flowers pollinated seeds mature on 26-32 day, they are contained in the boxes on the flowers, collect the seeds must be before the box will open and the seeds fall off.

For planting suitable not only cleaned seeds. They look dark brown color, 3,3-4,2 mm, a width of 1.5-1.7 mm in the dura. Shoots once bloom can be divided into color from lightest to darkest. Grown at home or at the cottage pelargonium can bloom all year.