Rabbit milk, especially

The useful rabbit milk. Description and characterization

The useful rabbit milk. Description and characterization

Milking rabbits wins back a very important role in the care of rabbits, so they are well grown and evolved. Especially in the first week of their lives, when the milk – the main and only source of food and energy. On average, 8 rabbits rabbit brings up, the more milk she has, the better.

By the number of proteins, fats, minerals, rabbit milk occupies a leading place among the animals, rabbits grow well and develop rapidly. After eating milk, babies absorb all the necessary ingredients, nutrients growing organism. The rabbit milk proteins four times, the number of minerals – three times more than cow milk. Thanks to these features and positive characteristics, weight rabbits on the sixth day after birth twice, and on the thirteenth, live baby weight ten times more than the first birthday.

Accordingly, in order to get a good seed, the main condition is breast rabbit.

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