Viennese blue rabbit, characteristic

Interesting features, description, characteristics. Viennese blue rabbit, photo

Interesting features, description, characteristics. Viennese blue rabbit, photo

Rabbits breed Vienna blue are considered moderate in size, color uniform animals, light blue. Arista and underfur uniform, do not have zoning, hair roots – highlights, guard hairs – dark.

The first Viennese blue rabbit world saw in 1893 in Austria (Vienna), cross breed rabbits Flandres with indigenous Moravian having a blue color. They were selected for further breeding of individuals with clear blue color. It is for the color of the skins of rabbits and named – Viennese blue.

Weight they had a 3.5 – 4 kg, characterized by excellent meat, and a good percentage of the product. Young rabbits in the first month of life weighed 450 g, two – 1 kg, four – 1.75 – 2.2 kg, six – 2,5-3,5 kg. Rabbit one time brought 6-7 rabbits.

In our country, the Viennese blue rabbit perfected, selecting the best individuals for pure breeding, we tried to achieve a greater weight of the animals, to improve the quality of fur and animals adapt to the climate in central and northern areas. As a result of hard work, adults weigh 4 – 7.2 kg, robust and proportionate physique. Ears lines 13 – 16 cm, compact housing – 57 cm, chest coverage under the shoulder blades 37 cm deep back, body, strong legs, but not large. Newborn rabbits weigh 72 grams, grow quite fast and has already reached four months, their weight is 70% of the mass of adult rabbit. Rabbit pretty prolific, at a once bring about 8 – 9 rabbits, dairy and excellent job with maternal responsibilities for the upbringing and care of the kids. rabbit skins are shiny and smooth color, fur, soft, fluffy. Dark skins are particularly popular in the production of fur products, they generally do not stain, but sometimes with them an imitation fur expensive.

Rabbits given breed hardy and well adapted to the climate in different parts of Ukraine and Russia, it is thanks to this feature explains the popularity of the breed. rabbit’s suitability to any pore of the year, the winter brings rabbit litter, and they survive even in strong frosts. Therefore, rabbits can be kept in a warm room, and in the cells on open areas.

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