Rabbit Breed Russian ermine

Russian ermine rabbit breed, photo and description

Russian ermine rabbit breed, photo and description

The most ancient kind of rabbits should rightly be called a breed Russian ermine. Small ermine rabbits shiny white, black or brown ears, as nose, legs and tail.

For his breed name should thank because of similar color skins with an Ermine. In the world and is especially popular rabbit received different names such as Himalaya, Chinese, African, Egyptian, Siberian, Windsor, Antwerp, ermine rabbits.

Derived rocks still do not have a specific treatment and, therefore, there is debate about between scientists. Most believe that the breed is derived from ermine rabbits, brought to us from England in 1928, they were small, the main advantage is the fur, the body was 38 – 40 cm, chest coverage under the shoulder blades 28 – 34 cm, weight of individuals 1, 2.5 to 6 kg. Today rabbits grow from 3.8 to 4.9 kg. They have a strong physique, muzzle a small, round, ears straight, body large, volume, 51 cm in length, breast coverage under the shoulders 35 cm, back a little, but the volume, powerful legs. Breed Russian ermine rabbit has a good immune system, get used to the climate features in all corners of the country. Females are fertile and excellent mother to offspring. In rabbits after the birth of the first white hairs grow in a few weeks in their place, the fur becomes with dark spots, and color fully formed in 6 months. Rabbits are small dietary meat and skins, which are highly valued for their color and extreme softness.

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