Rabbits breed Dutch

Breed Dutch rabbit, photo and description

Breed Dutch rabbit, photo and description

Dutch Rabbits breed small, color skins mottled, rough head shape and ears wide 18 cm long, massive body, long 61 cm, volume of the chest, in-depth coverage of the blades of 37 cm, the back of an oblong, large, big foot, long. Weight adult rabbits 5 – 7 kg, newborn rabbits – 80 g in 3 months of age have a body weight of 2.7 – 2.8 kg, the maximum rise begins at 3 – 4 months.

As the Soviet chinchilla and white giant Dutch breed rabbits fully pay back the cost of their food, giving excellent products. For once, rabbit bring about 8 – 9 kids, dairy, carefully watch over their offspring. Adults give great skins, fur, beautiful color is formed to have 7 – 8 months, and the fur is highly valued. Producing furs, skins used in its natural form.

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