Rabbit breed – Squirrel

Decorative rabbits squirrel breed, photo and description

Decorative rabbits squirrel breed, photo and description

A distinctive feature of the breed rabbits squirrel is skin color – light blue with a purple tinge, little white on his tummy. Rabbits average.

In 1916, in Germany, in the city of Marburg, by diluting the pure breed and the opening of crossing rabbits Havana and Vienna Blue received a new species under the name – Squirrel.

Rabbits with a strong skeletal part, proportional to the body, weigh 4 – 4.5 kg. Animals are bred not only for the excellent meat, but pretty skins of different sizes, from large to small. The hair on the skins medium density sufficiently smooth. Females are not very productive and dairy as Viennese blue for once bring up to 6 children.

In Russia and Ukraine, the breed can be found only in private homes breeders, hobbyists, and, unfortunately, they are not massively popular.

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