French lop-eared rabbit breed sheep

Miniature, Decorative, French lop-eared rabbit ram. Photos and descriptions

Miniature, Decorative, French lop-eared rabbit ram. Photos and descriptions

Rabbits breed French lop-eared sheep differ different colors, black, blue, gray, brown, spotted, or even longer, original ears.

They took them to England, to preserve the natural shape of ears, created by nature itself. It is because the lugs and prized rabbits, some representatives of the ears can be up to 60 – 71 cm and a width of 10 – 17 cm Enough is widely bred in European countries, namely Germany, France, and there crossed the English sheep and Flanders got the French and German. But especially good results from German scientists, they managed to get through the selection of ideal indicators breed meat quality, rapid growth. As a result, the rabbit breeds – German ram weight up to 5.5 kg.

The head is large, with the bulk of the frontal part, the nose gently lowered to the bottom, hanging ears. On the part of the animal’s snout resembles a ram, so rabbits and received the name of its breed. The body elongated, length 60 – 70 cm, the back is broad, sometimes sway, deep chest. In rabbits, tasty and nutritious meat, they weigh 3 kg, and is 7 – 8 kg, most grow up to 10 kg.

Rabbit is not fertile for once bring only 3 – 6 children. Skins have thick, close hair. In Russia and Ukraine, it is not clear why, given all the excellent quality – the breed did not get mass distribution.

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