Decorative rabbit giant breed Butterfly

Rabbit decorative, butterfly breed description and photo

Rabbit decorative, butterfly breed description and photo

Decorative rabbits breed butterflies have an interesting color, the white skin on the back in the form of a snake on both sides there are black spots of unequal value on the nose and cheeks, they resemble butterflies wings, hence the name of the butterfly species.

In 1887 in England it was bred breed, thanks to the peculiarities of the appearance of the animal, they spread quickly in many countries. Based on this rock, in other countries, their options were created, German, French, Czechoslovak motley butterfly French hotot white, mottled Rhine. In Russia and Ukraine brought the rabbit British butterfly, whose weight was 3 kg. Given the nature of the climate, to improve the weight of a rabbit, their meat qualities, carried crosses with breeds white giant, the Soviet Chinchilla, Flanders, Viennese blue. Among born rabbits left larger, with a characteristic color and are able to survive in our environment. Today rabbits breed butterflies reach the weight of an average of 4 – 4.3 kg, have a strong torso, head of moderate size (round in males, female rabbits have stretched) body length 34 – 56 cm, the back of the volume, strong legs. Females are characterized by a large dairy and a good productivity for once bring 8 rabbits, with the mother’s task to cope too well. The skins are both large and dwarf, fur smooth, shiny, smooth and normal density. The presence of the figure makes it festive, so they are often used for sewing fur products to children, women, carpets, blankets, products are increasingly popular among buyers.

In Ukraine and Russia, the breed is not yet widespread.

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