Methods for the content of rabbits, tips

Methods rabbits content, the content of tips, description and a photo

Methods rabbits content, the content of tips, description and a photo

Feeding rabbits and content are at the same level of importance to the health and productivity. Therefore, every time breeders are trying to modernize the existing and create new ways of content and rabbits for their construction and use lighter materials available. Profitability, health, growth and quality of skins, it all depends on the conditions in which the rabbits were kept. Here breeder imagination is not limited.

The experience of many breeders shows that nothing has been invented more profitable and better for the maintenance of rabbits, than a cell. It is in the cells to create the most comfortable and easy to put things in their purity, and this is the most crucial factor for maintaining animal health. The advantages of the cells can be attributed, to feed rabbits can be based on their needs, sick rabbit is easier to identify and isolate and treat, as in the cells much easier to carry out disease prevention. This method helps to improve the quality of skins, meat, and their productivity.

Keeping rabbits in cages is much more efficient than in cages, fenced areas. Moreover, it was used for the rabbit cells worldwide. The cells were kept in the yard, under a canopy, in enclosed spaces, combining one or other method and shedah.

In winter, for example, the best solution is to use a combined way of content, for this purpose, suitable light mobile cells, and to save space in the room is better to put them in some circles, that is, high. The choice depends on the cell design rabbits, their sizes.

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