Pot-bellied pig

Photos, description, pot-bellied pig, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description, pot-bellied pig, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Introduced species of pot-bellied pig is a herbivore, which means that approximately 75-85% of the diet pets make various herbal plants or hay. Animals of this breed are different intensive ripening, undemanding to the conditions of habitat, as well as have a good and stable immunity. Compared with other species, introduced species is popular because of their own high-quality performance and taste like meat and greasy products. Animal products are considered delicacies, and the cost is quite high. Vietnamese vislobryuhie popular as pets through their character. Pets have the agreeable and calm disposition, peaceful differ cleanliness. It is these qualities of character and high fertility data made provided a variety of convenient and low in content. A popular pets are not only on large farms as well as small household farms.

Pot-bellied pig are unusual and original. Pets have many advantages, which significantly distinguishes them from ordinary pigs breed groups.

The advantages are similar varieties Quality:

  • Intensive maturity and excellent development of reproductive function.
  • Sows can be fertilized twice in one year. There sows whose farrowing capacity for the year is higher than average.
  • In one litter born from 10 to 15 small children.

Differ pets special character. They complaisant inherent characteristics, high resistance to stressful situations. For example, women’s representatives are always patient with his own kids, good feed offspring, in the morning or evening in the stables there are no extra sound or a loud squeal that is often the case in the pig farms where involved in breeding white pig types. Most Vietnamese variety compared with most dogs in relation to people. After all, their behavior and character often does not look like a pig.

At one kilogram of live weight gain of about 2.8-3.4 spent feeding units that provides a high level of payback fodder. In the process of feeding it is often the case the lack of concentrated feed that can easily be replaced by a variety of succulent and green fodder, that is not less than 75-85% of the overall diet.

Some of the most cleanly porcine species. Do pets in a cage is always a place for a toilet and the places where they sleep, this quality helps in cleaning the animal habitats. And in general, compared to other breeds, Vietnamese vislobryuhie representatives do not brought to a place of their own homes disgusting state with odor that characterizes the breed as pleasant.

Like all the traditional varieties of pigs, pigs are herbivores presented. After initially all types of pigs fed only grass, which is said plural number of facts, but over time this factor herbivores changed significantly. But Vietnam is a true continuation of the breed of purebred pigs, which are often domesticated. To increase the productivity of quality, you need good content, care and properly made food diet.

Piglets picture

Piglets picture

There are, of course, some problems with dilution of the variety. This is often attributed to the fact that previously purchased the young pigs had birth defects, while not considering the factors keeping, feeding and care of pets. Many of those who buy the Vietnamese pork representatives become familiar only with the productive qualities at the same time does not delve into how the best way to breed animals.

All further develop varieties for the purchase of breeding or fattening growing. Currently a high percentage of buyers of Vietnamese pigs vislobryuhih trying to deduce pedigree breeding. In this case, you must immediately notify that without the special conditions of the place, the proper care, provide some fodder, and without the ability to walk on pastures, it is better not even start breeding development, because everything will be in vain. Most unsuccessful breeding occurs on their own small farms of breeders-amateurs who live in cities or towns of various facial features. It was presented areas is virtually impossible to create all necessary conditions for the correct and rapid development.

A particularly important factor is the availability of a specific strategy and tactics in order to fatten vislobryuhih Vietnamese representatives. Of course, the main reason for breeding is to breed a good level of fattening. The fattening process it is important to know the number of fattening units per kilogram liveweight gains. Under the conditions of the proper organization of fattening, it is possible, in the final stage of the cultivation, an inexpensive pork products. The basic rule of feeding, feed management is being spent, it is necessary to add not only the food that they buy, but also those that use pigs in the territory of the production or services. If we combine all together (costs and revenues), it is possible to easily determine the percentage of profits to your pets.

Introduced a variety of uses quite popular. Pot-bellied pig herbivores valued qualities. For example, in the summer it will be enough to feed the growing variety of herbal plants, and pets for the winter easy eating hay, to which is added a little feed. Due to the fact that animals have a sweet temper, peace-loving, and most importantly their quality – cleanliness, the breed gained the attention and love of many owners. Despite the fact that the weight categories presented species begin to fluctuate in the areas of 70-120 kg, the meat product is a real delicacy, whose price is quite high. The distinctive quality of meat products is in the minimum amount of cholesterol that animal differs considerably from other pig breeds. The layer of fat at the Vietnamese vislobryuhih of Representatives shall not exceed one centimeter. Good conditions of detention and well-formed diet ensures the stability of the immune system that is easy to tolerate any pig disease. Especially boast sows that have the ability to bring up from 10 to 22 kids, agree that similar maternal quality is quite rare.

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