White mouse

Description white mice, characteristic, content, food and photos

Description white mice, characteristic, content, food and photos

White mouse – kind Mouse family of rodents. Externally animals less than rats, more than ordinary decorative mice. The animal has a large, slightly hairy ears shape, little white legs, elongated snout, tiny pink bears. Antennae white mouse long, blond. Eyes small, black. Body long, covered with white fluffy fur.

Caring for this beast is fairly simple. Now we acquaint you with the basic rules of maintenance.
Keep rodents in a cage, which is guarded plastic bumpers (wooden) wall. The width of the cells should be such that the mouse could not escape. “Housing” rodent should be in the dark (not hot) place, protected from the wind. The bottom of the cage strewn with hay, straw, wood chips, paper torn. You can also put to different toys to the animal was not boring. Cleaning should be carried out to relieve himself. It is advisable to clean the cage every two days.

Meals varied. Most use an ordinary feed for decorative mice. You can also give your pet a variety of cereals, vegetables, herbs, fruits, dairy products. Water is required. It is advisable not to drink animal raw water.

For the grinding of teeth, let mouse branches of fruit trees, dried bread crust.

Animal non-aggressive, active and moving. It is desirable to produce a pet for a walk around the apartment. Just do not move away from it a single step! As an inquisitive mouse, then it will be difficult to find. White mouse friendly, easy to go on contact with people.

During pregnancy, the female also remain calm.

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