Bushy seronogaya protein description

Description seronogaya protein rock shrub, photo

Description seronogaya protein rock shrub, photo

View shrub seronogih squirrels is very popular in southern Africa. Rodents prefer bushes, trees, rocks overgrown.

His size shrub proteins resemble ordinary, but the lack of Pushkov wool near the ears distinguish it from other species.

Color body gray with green or brown tint, white breast, plain fluffy tail. This coloring helps the protein to hide from predators, because the animal becomes invisible against the background of nature.

Active way of life of the protein is only in the absence of heat (morning and evening). During the day she prefers to sleep in a hollow. In dry weather, the animal falls to the ground, which lies in the shadow. Scientists have noticed that this type of protein is very responsible approach to the arrangement of the housing. Choosing the right place to squirrel blows the dried plant, which carpets the bottom.

Power is the same as that of other types of protein: insects, fruit fruit trees, pollen, some plants. In the autumn shrub demolished in its hollow various seeds, nuts, acorns, other plants.

The animal is not afraid of people, even peacefully coexist in their company. Not once have seen cases where proteins are built themselves a hole under the roofs of houses.
In the nature females shortly before delivery, build nests between the branches of trees or large bushes. On average, proteins nurture young for forty days. Number of births protein depends on the climate. In the areas affected by the drought, about two cubs born in humid areas – twice.

In cases of anxiety rodents warn each other of danger gestures, sounds, they begin to squeak loudly, pulling with his tail.

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