Cameroon dwarf goat

Photos, description Cameroon dwarf goat breeds, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Cameroon dwarf goat breeds, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Very compact goat breed – Cameroon dwarf breed that is widespread throughout the world. In post-Soviet countries Cameroon dwarf goat enjoys a good popularity because it has no bad qualities of productive and does not require large amounts of feed. This breed is considered to be highly mobile, often took her with them to swimming sailors, because goats take up little space, not demanding food and produce quality milk and meat. Thus, in the harsh conditions the sailors always had fresh milk and meat. Despite the fact that while much has changed, the sailors still take on board the ship Cameroonian Dwarf goats and confidence can go to distant voyages.

Not difficult to guess that the birthplace of dwarf goats – is Cameroon, which are in Africa. Despite the fact that the breed grown for many years in the hot conditions, these animals are well adapted to other weather meters. With Africa Cameroon dwarf goats have spread to many countries of the world where populations are successfully flourish to this day.

Rocks belong to the small type, so large amounts of milk from Cameroon pygmy goats can not be obtained, the maximum – 2 liters per day, while the average would be about 1.5 liters. But milk is very fatty and nutritious without specific odor with a pleasant taste. The lactation period is only 4-5 months, so you can not assume that milk production is at a high level.

Under natural conditions, goats live in tropical rainforests, rich vegetation and moisture. Cameroon dwarf goats graze in the open air right next to the huts of their owners. Locals usually hold 3-4 goats, that is enough to feed a small family.

The process of feeding – it is generally not a problem for Cameroon Dwarf goats, because they are completely alone gorge grass, bushes and branches. The main thing is to provide permanent access to open areas where goats could graze. If there is very overgrown area which for a long time not to clear away, it is perfect for pets plus everything, goats clear the area of ​​weeds far faster than any technology. Since, dwarf goats, and the food does not need a lot of them, but if it does not, then the animal can walk long distances and even a lick on the trees in search of food. Open Wednesday – it is their element, goats perfectly feel in intense heat and strong frost.

All parts of the body Cameroon pygmy goats are small. The body of the average, rounded; head small, erect ears; in goats have a beard. The limbs are short and thin. Adult Cameroonian goat reaches 50 cm, and the goats are much less. goat body weight by an average of 25 kg, the weight of 35 kg is considered a record, goats are very small and weigh only 12-15 kg. Wool is thick, but is short, usually colored black or brown with a darker or lighter shade, and color can be not only monotonous, but spotty.

Cameroon dwarf goats differ very strong immunity, so all the typical diseases of goats is not afraid of them. The only thing to fear, so is overeating and allergies that may arise.

Lambing goats in place quite easily, without any complications. Usually mature Cameroon dwarf goat leads one or two kids who are born very small and does not even weigh 400 grams, but they are quite viable, so within a few hours not only able to stand on their feet, but also run near the mother’s milk and eat.

Cameroon dwarf goat – this is a great option for people who are trying to have a pet, but do not have much space for its contents. Goat taxing on the food very quickly learn to listen to the owner, has a calm nature. Home to provide the ability to have called goat outdoors.

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