Dutch goat breed Landrace

Photos, description, goat Dutch Landrace breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description, goat Dutch Landrace breed, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Goats of this breed belong to the Northern type, so the first thing is well adapted to the harsh climate. Judging from the name is not hard to guess that the birthplace of the Dutch Landrace is the Netherlands. The blood Landrace can see blood mixed with other North European breeds: French, Finnish, Scandinavian, English and others. Dutch Landrace are medium-heavy type, have a good productive qualities and has a calm nature. Hornless goat almost never occur, most of them horny. Painting of wool can be varied, it does not matter, but the length is a measure of pure breed: the longer the hair, the better.

At the end of the 50s rock goats Dutch Landrace virtually disappeared, it had only two representatives of all preserved. To revive the breed again had to work hard. Breeders found a quite similar breed to keep the features peculiar only Landrace, without weighty mixes. For this purpose, we approached the local village goats, which apparently were very similar to the Dutch Landrace. The positive results of her long to wait, Landrace number of goats has increased significantly, and by the beginning of the 21st century there were more than a thousand animals. To support and further development of a special breed of Dutch Landrace Association was created. Has developed a program that prevents the repetition of such a situation, the main objective is the development and protection of the species.

Nowadays Dutch Landrace in the home and industrial purposes is not grown. The only place where you can meet representatives of the breed, as are national parks where goats are comfortable and perfectly reproduce. Perhaps, when the population of the Dutch Landrace increase significantly, we will be able to see these goats and on normal commercial yards.

According to various reserves and private breeding factory, there are 2000 200 goats and goats Dutch Landrace breed. The breed bred only in itself, with other breeds so far do not mix. Goats breed Landrace are medium-heavy, so do not differ a great weight and height: goats at the withers below 75 cm, and the goat grows to a maximum of 65 cm trunk strong, dense, short limbs.. The main difference is the presence of large rock horns that can reach extraordinary sizes and shapes. The goats have a beard and longer hair than in goats.

Dutch Landrace great pluck any grass and shrubs. In terms of reserves, experts place the goats so that they controlled the thicket of trees and shrubs, such as birch and wild cherry.

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