Black Bengal goat

Photos, description Bengal black goat breeds, characterization, milk production, breeding home

Photos, description Bengal black goat breeds, characterization, milk production, breeding home

Meet the members of this species can be in many different places. For example, the states of Assam, Orissa, on the western territories of Belgium, Bihar. Black Bengal goats are meat-cutaneous type of production. Homeland Pet served regions of India where there was the first Bengali black goat.

External factors are different from ordinary rocks, as represented as a dwarf variety of indigenous animals lines. Practice has shown that as milk type pets do not use, because dairy breeds are extremely unsatisfactory. There are several kinds of Bengal in black goats, but, as is clear from the name, is the main and predominant black color of the coat. Besides it, there are animals with a dark brown or light brown, white colorings and other hairs. Often used a pack of Bengal use black.

For their own representatives Exterior Features Black Bengal goats have similar data: short stature, medium altitude indicators in the areas of 50 centimeters; quite fragile, but at the same time strong, proportionate body structure; straight, broad back; convex chest; a medium-sized head, which looked perfectly cylindrical horn (length from 5 cm to 12 cm), which is directed upwards and drooping, small ears with a small beard. The hair cover pets raids softness, lightness and shiny view and own hairs are short and thin. On the offensive for six or eight months of life, pupils begin fully ripened sex life, which is often characteristic of dwarf varieties.

For a time my mother-goats bring from one to two, or rarely three, kid, that weigh 800-1100 grams. For one day the average gain is about 50 g, and 6 months of live pet weighs about 7 kg, and for 12 months – in intervals of 12 kg.

Adult animal represented the feminine variety – 20-25 kg, and the masculine – 25-30 kg. As mentioned earlier, the animals are incapable of good milk production, so the average income of milk waver in areas of 400-700 g per day, and for the lactation period that lasts 110-125 days, Black Bengal goats bring about 35-60 kg.

In areas where the most common representatives of the Black Bengal species, owners of such pets appreciate and love goats. In fact, the breed is considered an excellent source of income for any possession, especially for the poor. For example, in Bangladesh, goat farming contributes to the disappearance of unemployment and poverty, it increases the level of production, which is produced with the help of animals (especially meat and dairy products). In addition to the production of, and may be affected by the topic of the economy, which greatly depends on earning currency by other states. According to multiple reasons, it becomes clear why so much variety is common in some countries. It is known that only lives in Bangladesh about 25 million representatives of the Bengal breed black. History of the breed begins in South Asia (northeast side) – namely, in Bengal, where it was coined the name for the first representative of the breed represented.

The main countries of breeding dwarf varieties, and they are India and Bangladesh, there are close to 90% of black Bengal goats, that exist around the world. In the early 18th century, when the goats have just started to appear, the public immediately noticed them. Especially the quality indicators of meat were known to have pets meat tastes tender, flavorful, and refers to the red varieties of the product. It is also good in the manufacture of a variety of products – animal skin, which has the highest quality. As has been written before, the Bengal black representatives are excellent for keeping even the poorest of the poor and the environment. This is the first really well. Pets are unpretentious to housing or diet, will quickly adapt and acclimatize.

In comparison with other species, it is growing rapidly submitted form and live weight gains and have high performance. If the owner leaves the goat for a walk, they will be easy to eat all sorts of herbs, leaves from trees or bushes. Pets other than its own producing properties is also used as beasts of burden.

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