Welsh Chernosheeya goat

Photos, description Welsh goat with black neck, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description Welsh goat with black neck, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Swiss goat breed Welsh Chernosheeya, which is considered one of the oldest in Europe. In fact, the ancestral home is Africa, where animals were brought in 930 year. The first European place where settled Welsh goats, was the Swiss Valais town, located in a mountainous area. To our days the breed is very thinned out, there are very small numbers of animals of this breed. Mainly they can be seen in Zermatt, Saas-Fee, and all the same Vale, but only in small quantities and in most cases in zoos as an exotic. A small population of black-necked goats Welsh preserved in Germany.

Breed relate to meat and dairy. The main feature of the Welsh goat’s horns are. They are almost the same huge, as in the no less famous rock goats Girgentana. The average size of the horn in males up to 80 cm, and goats – 40-50 cm, hornless thoroughbred animals do not exist. The names of the breed set a world record for the longest horns in goats, which was the length – 1.24 m!

Since Welsh Chernosheeya goat breed lives in mountainous areas, the animals need good insulation, because in such places a lot of rain and cold wind. Wool goats rather thick and long (up to 50 cm), a fiber length of densely arranged around the torso, legs and head hair shorter. It is noteworthy that there is a bundle on his head long hair, which resembles a bang. In the winter for additional warming grows thick fluff. In the spring he sheds, so it is necessary to comb out 2 times a year, cutting is not carried out. Welsh black-necked goat is a frequent guest various exhibitions, that take care of it very seriously. Since the animal is not very accurate, the wool has a somewhat peculiar smell, so the farmer strongly adheres to the rules of cleanliness in the room where the goats live. The more that can not be washed before the show goats, as if the smell has appeared and then output it will be very difficult. The dirty wool multiply rapidly parasites that are harmful to the animal. Therefore, the purity – is the key to success.

With such a dense and thick wool Welsh goats are not afraid of even the most adverse weather conditions. In search of food can walk long distances, well adapted to moving on mountain slopes. If the goats do not live in the highlands, then 2 times a year they need to trim the hooves. The fact that they are designed for the slopes, so the in vivo are cleared quickly and at home – no. Can jump quite high, so the fence is necessary to do at least 1.5 m. In most cases, goat breed Valisskaya Chernosheeya have calm character, but in time to mating goats can exhibit aggression. During this period, you have to be extremely careful, because the huge horns can cause great damage.

The breed belongs to the middle-heavy type, so do not have a great live weight. Under standard conditions, the content of an adult goat can reach 90 kg with height of 85 cm at the withers, and the goat – 60 kg with height of 80 cm Chernosheeya Welsh goat has developed excellent maternal instinct.. The female usually leads one kid a year, it can sometimes be born twins. They are born goats are medium in size, and in breast milk good start to gain weight. Usually goat kids fed her milk up to 2 months of age, it allows the young to quickly gain strength and add about 200 grams per day.

Milk yield is average, and an average of 2 liters of milk per day. During the lactation period of 200-260 days, which can receive up to 600 liters of milk, 4.3% fat and protein amount of about 3%. The diet of goat milk quality is not affected. Welsh goats are very fond of various vegetable and bread, vegetables and fruit.

Average life expectancy is 14 years.

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