The soil for planting bonsai

Proper soil for planting and growing Japanese bonsai at home, the indoor environment. Full instructions

Proper soil for planting and growing Japanese bonsai at home, the indoor environment. Full instructions

Buying bonsai seeds and trying to put him in a home, most faced with the same problem – the wrong soil. Thus, we consider the basic errors in the undertakings submitted by planting plants. Common ground is sold in any flower shop is substandard and unacceptable dirt soil. In such a small land mass contains substances which prevent grow miniature tree. add it to the main soil – only as the ground gained can be used.

For planting bonsai has three options landing mixtures on the basis of which necessarily sprout plant.

  1. It is necessary to mix the same amount of clay and humus, fine-grained gravel (except the gravel you can use rock dust or sand large grains).
  2. To a mixture of clay are mixed according to three, further according to the five – humus, and the last thing you need to mix the soil, gravel – matching the two.
  3. Presented with the clay soil is made according to one of humus according to the five and gravel according to two.

Almost always there was a problem with the presence of humus, which is easy to solve. An alternative substance is represented by the leaf humus, old pine needles, peat substances, dry rot and bark, as well as high-quality compost, which contains a plurality of particles of humus. In the prepared foundation soil to add organic nutrients may be approved, as horn shavings, fish meal, blood or bones, rapeseed cake. Compliance should not exceed 3 grams of approval on 1 kilogram of soil foundation. The resulting mush earthen must be mixed thoroughly for 15-20 minutes, and then heated in a vessel at a temperature of about 100 degrees of Celsius. Thermal kidney manufacturing process is required because during heating destroys all the unnecessary substances that transmit various diseases and weeds from the family.

Recipes groundwater soils that were presented above have their own peculiarities. The first and second ground hides a neutral acid-alkaline progression. The third is characterized by a high level of acidity. As you can see, in all three mixtures have the makings of acid, from which you must escape. Possible to reduce the acidity by adding calcium organic additives. Caught cases high acidity, fight such phenomenon must be the addition of peat or rotted pine needles.

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