Plants in wire baskets

Planting in a basket made of wire, description and a photo

Planting in a basket made of wire, description and a photo

Learn how to combine plants in hanging baskets so that the similarity with the design of the store was minimal. So you get more admiration from passers-by. the small size of the baskets will be interesting to see if it is a great place in the center of the flower, and a pair of twine plant nearby. In those containers that you would like to leave for the winter, put plants close, because they are not much will grow. Inside the basket lay sprigs of pine needles, secure them with pieces of perforated black plastic, otherwise it will fall out of the soil. On top put a small dish as a water tank. For a large basket – half-fill it with humus, in a bed of pine needles, do the small holes to make it easier to put flowers on the sides.

Facilitate planting plants can be wrapped its leaves film. Next, thread the plant baskets hole until the roots do not touch the number of needles and stems will hang around outside. You can now remove the film from the plant, and the leaves flattened. Likewise, all other plant plants on the sides of the basket. The next step is to plant the top of the basket, from the main flower, wickerwork and finish planting the plants. Do not forget to bury tubes with fertilizers, it saves you from the constant feeding throughout the season.

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