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One of the main problems in the design of the house – accommodation ladder leading to the attic or loft. It is very difficult in a small garden house to gain a comfortable design sufficient space! That has to go to the trick.

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Figured wood staircase to testify. How to make a wooden ladder with your hands

Figured wood staircase to testify. How to make a wooden ladder with your hands

House at the cottage in the village we have enough old, inherited from parents. But the sturdy frame and comfortable layout of rooms, we are satisfied. Here are just a staircase to the attic pumped up – the narrow stairs and a steep climb, ending the small beam on which we are constantly packed cones.

We decided to upgrade the ladder, making it more convenient. But how to fit a new project in a very small space, to expand that there is no way?

After reading a lot of literature and pretty smash his head, we chose a fairly steep stairs with shaped steps. They seem to duplicate the human step. Of course, there were doubts, but the options we have no choice – no other project did not fit into our space.

For starters made preliminary calculations. Our distance floor – the ceiling is 2.3 m (X). According to the generally accepted norms of each ball is equal to the height of 18 cm (Y). According to the formula X: Y received a number of 12.7. Rounded. It turned out that the steps on our new ladder should turn 13. Do not like us is the number of people we are, though modern, but quite superstitious. We decided to sacrifice a little convenience and to increase the height of the step, making steps on one less – 12 (Z). So, once again we divided now on X and Z got a width of 19.16 cm pitch.

Stairs made of two carrier boards (upper and lower), which was attached to the support, and to them subsequently fastened themselves stage. Here’s the main trick is hidden – stage not smooth, as usual, but with projections alternately left and right. So, when you go down or climb a ladder, steps like repeat step man.

Assemble the stairs was enough simple. They put on a carrier board edge, consistently secured them support, turned the design and secured support from the other side. The only thing to note: if on the one hand we first put support “A”, the other starting with fixing the “B” support. Special skills in carpentry affairs are not required to believe!

Assembled structure we have varnished, fastened to the wall rail and screwed our stairs to the floor and wall. “Nonsense full, as it was, and left!” – Daughter grumbled skeptical, noting that the new staircase took almost the same place as its predecessor. However, testing the new design, immediately agreed that now the movement from one floor to another was convenient and safe. Here’s a she – wooden stairs with shaped steps for the cottages and home!

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