Solar water heater to heat your home

Solar water heater with your hands to heat your home and garden. Driving a solar water heater, how to make their own hands. Step-by-step instruction

Solar water heater with your hands to heat your home and garden. Driving a solar water heater, how to make their own hands. Step-by-step instruction

Solar water heater (collector) for heating can be done at home with his own hands, he definitely will be indispensable in the household. The collector of the right size and design can provide hot water a family of several people, while saving a hundred rubles, which is spent for the season on electricity.

I propose to do it yourself solar water heater to heat your home or for washing dishes, showers. And all this may make of the materials, which are often thrown in a landfill.

  1. First we need to find the faulty refrigerator, namely its coil which is fixed to the rear wall.
  2. Once the coil is dismantled, it must be rinsed with running water to get rid of the old freon.
  3. Then Stored racks, which we needed in the future for the production of the frame.
  4. Useful and old rubber mat that underlie under the door. Glass is also not necessary to buy. It can be removed from an old window, they are usually thrown into the trash when replaced by plastic windows.
  5. As our rubber mat proved to be too big, it was decided to cut the size of the future framework.
  6. From rails bring down the frame so that the coil freely placed between the rails.
  7. Try on the coil, and a rubber mat to the frame. We note attaching the lower frame rails and cuts the place for exit tubes.
  8. Install the bottom rail frame, spreads foil between the rubber mat and frame.
  9. On the back of the frame fills the rack to give structure rigidity.
  10. Scotch carefully sizing all the gaps between the frame and the foil. This is necessary to cooler outside air does not enter the reservoir.
  11. PVC pipe was purchased to supply water to the coil.
  12. Sealing pipe connections and coil was secured with tape.
  13. To attach the coil clamps were used, taken from the refrigerator. fastening collar is also provided with tape. But for reliability recommend fasten.
  14. We lay our design glass paste and adhesive tape on the perimeter.
  15. Homemade solar collector ready. For the best heat rays of the sun should fall to the surface of the collector at a right angle. Therefore quits mount supporting structural elements.
  16. To the glass from the heat did not go down it is necessary to screw a couple of screws, which will serve as stops.

Now we have to attach a tank for storing hot water.

Circulation takes place only due to natural convection. Upon heating the water in the reservoir expands, it becomes less dense and rises up the manifold and through the pipe into the upper part of the storage tank. As a result of cooler water is displaced and flows at the bottom of the tank on another pipe to the bottom of the reservoir. This water is in turn heated and rises in the tank.

While the sun is shining, the water is constantly circulated through the loop, all the more heated. Because the tank is elevated above the collector, the effect of overturning circulation resulting night cooling the coolant in the reservoir is reduced to nothing, since a cold water accumulates in the bottom point of the system (at the bottom of the reservoir), while the hot water remains in the tank.

This unpretentious design of a solar collector is able to heat the water on a sunny day to 70 degrees.

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