Pier Foundation — a solid Foundation at home

Clay soils in the practice of suburban development are common, sometimes heaving. And the novice. the device of foundations on such soils will cause some difficulties.

Pier Foundation how to do it yourself:

to make the columnar reinforced concrete Foundation

Pier foundations are made quite often. Reliable performance, as explained in the section of soil drilled hole with a diameter of 200-250 mm below the depth of freezing, there is filled with gravel, holes asbestos cement pipe is inserted and filled with concrete, which is compacted in layers. Very expensive Foundation.

In the initial period of mass suburban development in 1983-1986 many gardeners did pier Foundation with insufficient penetration. Over the years, the columns leaned. I saw the columns, inclined at 10-20 degrees, and the process of slope continued. Columns (50×50 cm) my house on the South side is also annually slowly leaned to the South. Had to do a strip Foundation with the layout of the reinforcement on inner and outer sides of the bars.

There is another type of bar foundations – let’s call it prefab the filling. This is the most time-consuming and not inexpensive Foundation, it can be used where the Foundation of the house (shed, bath) overlie dense soils (including saturated).

Technology: building footprint removed vegetable soil and in places of intersection dug a pit depth of 50 cm and dimensions in terms of 40×60 cm Pits filled with layers of coarse sand or sand-gravel mixture with necessary moisture and compaction hand tamper. The filling is done up to ground level, then put sand concrete blocks 30х30х50 cm (or 20х30х50 cm) of one another. Such units are now commercially available, they are relatively inexpensive. On the blocks through the proofing strip (roofing) fit the bottom rail of the frame or of the frame.

What happens to that base? Water after the autumn rains fills the pores in the sand, but its level below the ground level, the upper part of the sand cushion is filled with air. When water freezes it expands and fills a portion of the pores, but the concrete block remains in the same place. In the spring the ice melts, but it is in the position of the block has no effect.

The Foundation of these blocks sustainable – proven. If there are no ready units, concrete block, you can do it yourself by installing on the sand formwork to the desired height. The valve block is not needed, but the concrete should be laid in layers, repeatedly piercing each layer with a shovel.

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