Herb lovage

The medicinal properties of the herb lovage, photo, application. How to grow and care for, to water the garden

The medicinal properties of the herb lovage, photo, application. How to grow and care for, to water the garden

Lovage drug – a long-term, healthy and therapeutic shrub with great resistance to cold. The people can hear a few names – like grass, lyubistnik, long or mountain celery.

By choosing the area under cultivation of lovage can be approached is not too problematic, as the bush is all the same where to grow, even in areas with minimal clarification or poor soil. Flowering can be seen only from the beginning of July to mid-August. During the best options are breeding – shoots or seeds. Without exception, all grades smellage give myself a strong spicy smell, which is heard on many meters from the plant.

Lovage officinalis in nature is often found in the hills and near the mountain. This is a direct impact on the appearance of the name of the bush – Mountain celery. The most optimal for the growth of the regions is considered to be the whole of Europe and part of Asia. For the first time began to spread with lovage Southern Europe.

Nowadays lovage in the annual mode is grown on plantations in the Americas. The bush is used later as a delicious seasoning in cooking or at the time of the manufacture of medicines.

Cultivation of lovage drug in the country

To grow a bush in the home does not need a lot of effort. Initially, you have to completely dig site to a depth of bayonet standard shovel, and then do not forget to fertilize. In one square meter area we are making no more than a bucket of humus and peat. In order to improve the adaptation of lovage to the ground, be sure to add a glass of wood ash, and no more than two tablespoons nitrophosphate.

As the seedlings are best to use root cuttings or divide the bush. It is in this version, you can quickly get a new lovage bush. For permanent shrub can grow about 9 years.

Watering should be frequent lovage, as a maximum – once a week. I would also like to mention the fact that during the growth of lovage on dry soil later you get bitter leaves.

The still quite a young age, it is not desirable to cut too many leaves from the bush, give him time for a full sprawl. Wait a year or two to fully lovage began its development.

Traditional medicine – the use of

The root of lovage drug used in folk medicine as an excellent remedy for various diseases of the kidneys, as a treatment for weak hair, or during nervous diseases, pains in the head.