Solid Foundation house — the Foundation

I think nobody will have to convince that the basis of the house – a solid Foundation. If you build the Foundation correctly, then even a Palace build, and have the building be repaired constantly. So the Foundation should be taken seriously.

Clay soils in the practice of suburban development are common, sometimes they are heaving. And the novice. the device of foundations on such soils will cause some difficulties.

Strip foundations how to do it:

Strip foundations how to do

Often see on the future construction of the deep ditches on the perimeter of the house, in which is placed the formwork. Of course, this is a solid Foundation, but very expensive and with a large, excessive margin of safety. Well, why under relatively light wooden house to make the Foundation able to withstand the stonework? On soils with shallow groundwater, its actually really hard to do. According to the norms it is believed that the sole Foundation below the freezing depth of land. Frost depth is different everywhere, only in the North-West is 1.2-1.3 m Try to dig such a deep ditch! Often this can be done only in a dry summer, and work is hell. But there is a solution – a “floating” Foundation.

The ditch dug a shallow, approximately 0.5 m (excluding the plant layer), filled with sand by 35-40 cm, and sand is placed on the formwork to fill a height of 40-50 cm, a prerequisite is a good reinforcement of this Foundation in two tiers, with diameter of 8-12 mm. I’ve seen strip foundations made without reinforcement. Often in those places where it is done the ventilation holes are formed vertical cracks, Foundation splits into several parts, and it is very bad.

In the rainy autumn when water-saturated soil under reinforced floating Foundation freezes, the Foundation is lifted, as water expands when it is frozen at 5%, and the spring sits down again. South side of the Foundation thaws early, and the concrete ribbon, there are bending stresses, they are perceived reinforcement. The concrete only works in compression.