Diseases and pests of viburnum

Diseases and pests of viburnum It is the opinion that the garden pests and diseases very like the viburnum. And unfortunately not every gardener knows how to deal with pests. The huge invasion of the pests completely takes the desire in gardeners to continue the deal with the viburnum, and in this times they end the growing.

Let’s consider the case without the destroying the tree wholly.The care of the viburnum has some action that directly help to keep the tree healthy and in perfect condition.

When you see that the pests attack the viburnum, you should immediately tear off all the ends of the branches on which you noticed the pest. If the invasion goes on, we will consider the variants of the insecticidal treatment plants:

  • It is recommended to collect about 300 grams of horse sorrel for the processing, put it in the pot and fill the pot with 10 liters of water, and then leave the mixture for 2.5 hours. Then, you need to filter the water through the cheesecloth and to spray the whole bush of the viburnum.
  • For the second variant, you will need 250 grams of the frayed rhizome and 400 grams young, green leaves of dandelion. It’s also put in a pot and pour 10 liters of water. Do not touch the mixture for 2.5 hours, than we filter it and spray the bush.
  • The third variant requires a half of bucket of the well chopped bitter sagebrush.If you got it, you have to fill it with the water and wait for about a day, so that all would be perfect. Than you need to put the bucket on the fire and boil, about 30 minutes. After that, as in the first variants, we filter the mixture and spray the whole shrub.