Citrus Living Room

The citrus tree in the room

The citrus tree in the room.

The volatile which are allocated with leaves of the all citrus trees, in a few minutes can kill the simplest microorganism. The disrupted leaf of lemon distributes the beautiful aroma due to the allocation of essential oils which have phytoncidal properties. But the most interesting is that these phytincidal properties have also undamaged leaves. In the room where are the room citrus fruits, the air is clean, it is almost sterile, there are no bad microorganism.

The citrus garden in the room on your windowsill is able to give a few grams of these valuable volatiles. The volatile are invisible to the human eye. If you bring a lighted match to the plants, the sparks flashing in the air confirmed the presence of the volatile. The fans of the citrus are much less exposed to viral diseases.

The scientists point out to one more feature of citrus aromas, as insensible and tangible to our sense – it improves our productivity, attention and good mood.

Especially the citrus fruits are useful for the people which spend a long hours at the computer, and other sophisticated equipment.