Do yourself the best, a good compost

How to make the best compost in the country on their own. Step by step instructions and description

How to make the best compost in the country on their own. Step by step instructions and description

Compost is a useful and necessary fertilizing of plants, especially those that are in need of fertilizer, for example, rose, cucumber, cabbage. Plus compost is that it does not harm the roots and provide the necessary nourishment to plants and crops.

Compost will give the right amount of soil humus and make it loose, this land is better able to absorb water and breathable, and of course, the soil, dig a compost much more pliable to handle.

Many gardeners believe – in their manure nutrients is much more useful than the compost, but it is not always true to say that it is better and more useful, you must have information about how to prepare fertilizer and its components. In addition, manure, today, is expensive, and it can be composted budget option.

What you need for quality and efficiency of fertilizer? What added to the best compost for better digestion and how to cook it? In the beginning, prepare the barrel, one-third fill the finely chopped weeds, herbs other horticultural crops, and grass. Accordingly, the higher quality you cut, the fertilizer will better. Next, carefully tamp greens in a barrel and pour warm water at 5 cm above the whole mass of the sun and put in a warm place, where it should stand for about ten days and wander. Do not forget to periodically check whether enough water, if you see that it is absorbed, pour the right amount. After ten days, fill the barrel to the brim with water and mix. Take a mixture of manure or chicken manure, and add in a barrel. Cook for about five buckets of sawdust, pour two buckets of the solution in a separate container and mix everything carefully, pour the mixture of all finished in the first barrel. The mixture should get loose, that could be filled with oxygen. If you see that the compost obtained thick, take longer sawdust or peat. A few days later, the mass warms up a little more patience and be ready to high-quality, useful, the best, a good compost.

Most gardeners are added to create a compost diseased plants, weeds with large roots, chemicals, building materials, food leftovers – it is a huge mistake and can not do so, you only worsens the quality of the compost.