How to destroy the cherry weevil

When the cherry is damaged by the weevil, how to destroy it?

When the cherry is damaged by the weevil, how to destroy it?

The cherry Weevil (second name – attelabidae) – is the one of the main pests of fruit trees of any garden – plums, cherries, apricot, cherry plum, and, unfortunately, it is everywhere. It appears in the gardens during the flowering of cherries.The damage from these beetles at first can feel the generative organs of plants: weevil causes damage to the kidneys, and then they fall off and do not bloom.

The body length of the attelabidae reaches about 7 mm, the surface is a copper color, it is covered with light hairs and on the middle of the back is a line. The superior wings have the spots. Cherry weevils winter in the upper layer of the soil, and they appear during the swelling of the kidneys, which Cherry weevils eat. Also, they like to eat the flowers and young leaves,the cherry weevil eats the ovary.

In the early May is the mating, and then the females leave eggs. The female of cherry weevil makes in the fruit the tunnel to lay an egg in it. The larva penetrates into the bone, and then – to the soil from which they appears already as the beetle.

When the cherry is damaged by the weevil, how to destroy it?

So that to protect their harvest from these pests, you need to take some control measures. In the large areas of industrial nature you should use chemicals and methods of struggle so that to get rid of the weevil, because they are more effective when there are large number of pests. In this case, we can make the spraying after the beginning of flowering plants.

However, in the garden area, you can get rid of attelabidae and with mechanical action:

  • tо rid the tree trunk of;
  • the mouldering bark;
  • the whitewash with calx solution;
  • the utilization of the fallen leaves and bad;
  • to dig and to loose the soil under leaves, because there are hidden the pests – beetles.

Do not forget to shake the trees a few times so that the cherry weevils fall to the soil, and you were able to destroy them, in the early spring, they live on the branches of the kidneys.