Growing from seeds of the cedar

Growing from seeds of the cedar in the home, care, description and a photo

Growing from seeds of the cedar in the home, care, description and a photo

For the growth of the Siberian stone pine, tree nuts are needed. The most optimal time for planting a tree late April – early May, 90 days prior to this, it is necessary to do processing of seeds, if you do not, then they will only shoots in the spring of next year. You can sow the seeds in the fall and it is desirable to ourselves frosts to rodents they have not eaten. Sowing seeds in the ground, you need to wrap the leaves, so they are not chilled. Nuts poured 40-50 ° C water and allowed to stand for three days, changing it each day.

After removing the nuts, mix them with a wet or damp peat litter river sand. Ready pour the composition into a container made of wood, in the sides, which is at the bottom doing a holes. Box put on a small wooden board that was air circulation. Every 15 days, the whole mixture was stirred thoroughly and moisturize. If your training was right, then to the beginning of the sowing, the seeds should start to germinate.

The ideal soil for the tree are not too over-dried and not very moist clayey ground. The depth of 2-3 cm bury the seeds on top of wrapping sawdust, peat litter, it will protect the ground from drying out, the density of the rain, after watering and weeds. Subsequently care cedar consists of watering, weeding and loosening the earth. Fertilizer for cedar pine is best prepared from cow dung, it is diluted 1:10, can also be used mineral fertilizer.

The first 5-6 years, pine will grow quickly, but then the process will be accelerated, and very soon get a harvest. About therapeutic possibilities cedar know our ancestors, folk and official medicine also recognizes this. As a medicine used everything from needles and ending with tree bark. Contained components will help to find a person’s health, they affect the cells and tissues of the body, activate all the processes occurring in man. Dermatologic cedar recommended for children, pregnant women, older people, those who often suffer from colds, inflammation, who is sick liver.