Chrysanthemum flower, growing in the home

Caring for roses in pots in the garden. Proper care and cultivation of chrysanthemum flowers near the house in the country

Caring for roses in pots in the garden. Proper care and cultivation of chrysanthemum flowers near the house in the country

“Golden Flower” is because in ancient Greece called the chrysanthemum. The very name allows us to imagine a golden-yellow flowers, which absorbed all the energy of the sun. In Japan, the country of the rising sun, the chrysanthemum – a national symbol. It is a plant depicted in the emblem of the state of Japan, and the Order of the Chrysanthemum is one of the highest awards of the country. When autumn comes, the ninth day of Chrysanthemum in Japan are preparing a kind of tool that improves health and prevents aging. The Japanese believe that it is in this day chrysanthemum has a special power and she is credited with magical properties. Chrysanthemum – a truly hardy plant. It grows in the continental temperate climate zones of our planet. Chrysanthemum blooms mostly in autumn and is not afraid of frost. Quite often you can see the chrysanthemum flowers under a light layer of snow.

Medicinal properties of chrysanthemum

This plant has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes. Chrysanthemum petals have a composition svom potassium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, without which the human body can not exist. Especially our nervous system needs them. Infusion of leaves drunk for headaches, and inflorescence – to improve the function of digestion and appetite. In addition, infusions and decoctions chrysanthemum help overcome alcoholism, in diseases of view, but also the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Chrysanthemum is annual and perennial, herbaceous and shrub. Plants differ from each other inflorescences, views, size, color, height, shape, bush, flowering time. The color range of garden chrysanthemums pleasing to the eye and striking diversity. Regarding size, they are diverse: from small flowers to large flowers twenty centimeter in diameter.

Growing chrysanthemums at home

Chrysanthemum demanding more to his place of growth than in soil. It is important that she grew up in a sunny, comfortable, draft-free place, in the light drenovannoy soil. When planting in the ground it is necessary to add a little washed sand. Chrysanthemum bloom profusely, if the time to cut off the florets, have faded. On the tall flowering shrubs great influence grafting of side shoots. Very good chrysanthemum propagated by dividing the bush. This procedure should be done with the old plants, because in this way we will increase the life expectancy of this wonderful flower. Share the bush should be every 2-3 years.