How to prune gooseberries

How to prune your gooseberries. The correct cutting of the gooseberries we need to do in a very short period to the bloom of the kidneys in the spring, although the many gardeners do it successfully and in the autumn. In the autumn, you can easily cut the gooseberry and not to damage the bush, as it will be already relax after the season of berries.

The first step in the cutting of the gooseberry bushes, especially older than 2-3 years, will be a small but high-quality cleaning. During this cleaning, you need to delete all diseased or broken, and the of course dry branches.You should also delete even those branches that already fully lie down on the soil. The gooseberry likes the sun and the different shading make bad influence on him. You should inspect the branches of bush with different diseases.

You need to do the cutting until you will be able to reach any part of the branches on the gooseberry.