Auto Super Hash – Cannabis

Delicious variety cannabis Feminised Auto Super Hash.

Delicious variety cannabis Feminised Auto Super Hash

Grade marijuana Auto Super Hash is one of the best views among the Goodies. The taste of Auto Super Hash Feminised simply amazing.

The cultivation of this variety won’t take you much time, only two months, and the height you really will be surprised. During these 60 days, the Bush will reach about 80-90 cm Yield Auto Super Hash also shows excellent results — 500 g from one square meter.

The THC content in the cones of about 20%. Smoking, indica is felt. You should definitely try.

Features Auto Super Hash:

  • Type varieties: Indica;
  • Flowering period: 2 months;/li>
  • THC level: 18-20%;
  • Number of harvest: 2;
  • The maximum height of Bush:130 cm.