When harvested nuts hazelnuts and how to store them

Когда собирать фундук и как его хранить Nuts – hazelnut fruits ripen in early autumn, hazelnuts – a month. Externally define the readiness of the fetus in color, it looks yellowish, brownish is a package begins to crumble from the bush alone. Gather nuts hazelnuts from the ground, or shake hazelnut bush or pluck from the branches.

After, nuts eliminate the shells and dried so that the moisture content does not exceed 12%. Dry hazelnut possible at home, by spreading a thin layer on the nut and hold the paper in this state is not more than 2 weeks.

With conventional hazelnut harvest may reach 1-3 kg, with a splitting – 5.10 kg, under favorable weather conditions, the total harvest weight exceeds 15 kg.