Vegetation cannabis, period

The growing season of hemp (marijuana), fertilizers. Photos, description.

The growing season of hemp (marijuana), fertilizers. Photos, description

After the formation of the root system of seedlings of hemp in the open ground, and leaves, hemp is included in an active stage of growth, the so called vegetative period. It is imperative that the hemp needed to power the elements consisting of nitrogen, through which marijuana will grow better. Fertilizers there is a scale NPK, where N is nitrogen, P – phosphorus and K – potassium.

Vegetative plants should be given fertilizer with a high amount of nitrogen. Healthy leaves and active growth of the Bush, a sign that his lack of nitrogen, and the yellow leaves indicate the lack or on the contrary too much of this fertilizer. If you have seen the picture described above, wash the plant with plain water, and do not fertilize for a while, observing the appearance of hemp.

Growing hemp at home, you need to remember, the deeper the capacity, the higher it will rise. The roots need a lot of space, therefore, the form should take not less than 10 – 12 liters, is better if you can pick up the pot in 25 – 30 L.

Hemp planting in the open ground, make the hole deep, and make sure in advance about the fertilizer, better if natural resources such as compost, bird, cow litters, humus. Do not forget the drainage, to do this, prepare small stones, clay, sand.