Proper watering cannabis at home

Than watered hemp, home, list, description.

Than watered hemp, home, list, description

Today ask a lot of questions on how to care for hemp. What is the water, how often and what water it? How to make water softer? And there are budget drugs? If you use a filter, will this help?

Water, of course, can be mitigated by using filters, they contain an osmotic membrane or ion-exchange resin. Water passing the filter will be good. But it takes a long time, and let’s say you have 10 – 20 liters of water to water all the bushes of the hemp, to filter the water seem never-ending process. In addition, the filters have a replaceable cartridge, and if you frequently use this device, the cassette should be changed every six weeks.

You can try boiling the water, but in this case, all the oxygen of the water evaporates, and it’s bad for bushes of marihuana.

Water the plants and melt water, but this isn’t ideal. Snow because you need a lot, but it turns out a little water.

The stores sold “decalcification”, is a special means for softening water. They unite with salts of calcium and magnesium, and the water becomes much softer and is suitable for irrigation.

Very warm water that flows in the taps, much softer than cold and far fewer dissolved gases. This is due to the fact that at elevated temperatures, salts dissolve poorly, the same happens with other elements that are contained in the water. If the water you are too old or Vice versa is new, then the warm water will “rust”, because it will dissolve iron salts.

Also a good result brings frozen water, but provided that done correctly, water will become soft, and if you just freeze it, salt will remain, so freezing water is necessary to control the process itself. Water freezes gradually, first the top part, and then freezes completely. Now, water that has not had time to freeze, contains a lot of salt, and let it run, then thawed water will become soft.

Hot water should not chlorinate, the water passes a heat treatment in boilers, the walls and deposited harmful salt and calcium. And especially so conducting the chlorination of water, extra unnecessary work.

Cold water will soften guaranteed, if you use oxalic acid.

Not recommended to water plants and mineral water, the composition of them is completely different. Mineral waters are chalybeate and sulphurous, and the hemp important micronutrient complex.

Acidified water is obtained if we add the citric acid, but do I need plants? It all depends on the plant itself. Need hemp and iron, cobalt, copper, zinc and other trace elements.